Our high quality tins

Blikken Unimpack

Tin packaging

Unimpack produces tins for the food industry. The type of tin is suitable for packing vegetables, fish, meat, dairy, tomato paste and pet food.

Maatwerk blikverpakking Unimpack

Custom made

Our tins are made in three parts; consisting of a bottom can lid, a top can lid and the body. We can print the body on the outside in all kinds of coloured designs tailored to your needs. Depending on the product that needs to be packed in the tin, the inside can be coated. The welding seam is protected on the inside through an electrostatic powder coating, BPA-free, and on the outside with an acrylic-based paint.



We only produce tins in round shapes. Although the most common diameters of 73,99 and 153 millimeters are produced, the height of a can varies from 57 up to 240 millimeters.